Apply for adoption leave

This guide is for UCL employees who are the primary parent in a couple who are adopting a child. Please refer to the policy for full details of adoption leave entitlement and eligibility. 

Before you start

There are two things you need to do to apply for adoption leave: 

  1. notify your manager, preferably in writing, and 
  2. complete an adoption leave application form. 

Both need to be done at the earliest opportunity. 

HR will write to you within four weeks of receiving your form.  

To begin your application for adoption leave you will need to know: 

  • your child's adoption date 
  • the date you would like to begin your leave 
  • when you expect to return to work 
  • your UCL user ID and password. 
1. Download an adoption leave form

Follow the links in the document to locate the correct form for you

2. Fill in the form

The form asks for:

3. Form goes to your line manager