Academic Staff Common Room



The ASCR at UCL has existed for many years as an intellectual hub of the university. It is the place where staff can meet and mingle, creating conversations and collaborations that would never happen without it.

Situated in the Housman Room, off the North Cloisters, Wilkins Building, it is a membership organisation, maintained and financed by the subscriptions of its members and managed by a committee elected at the Annual General Meeting. Membership is open to all current and retired members of UCL staff, regardless of job title or grade. 

The ASCR is self-governing and does not receive any funds from College.  The income generated from the annual subscription is used to finance the facilities in the Housman Room (including daily newspapers, 14 journals/magazines, regular social events, and drinks vending machines) as well as buying new furniture when needed.  The ASCR also funds the refurbishment and improvements of the Housman Room every few years and continues to invest significant sums in this way. Refurbishments include changing the paintings belonging to the UCL Art Museum that are displayed in the room. This comes at a considerable cost as it includes professional external contractors who manage the rehang, restoration and reframing where necessary.  

On this site you will find information about the ASCR and the facilities it offers to members, eligibility and how to join, and news and events, past and future.




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Members and their guests have exclusive use of the Housman Room