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As our academic year draws to a close, FRINGE would like to share with you highlights from our projects, publication and events. You will find it all here: from our symposium on shame at Chelsea College of Arts (UAL) and the publication of the first book in the FRINGE series (a two-volume ethnography of informal practices) to highlights from our annual workshop, discussing  how 'Russianness' is understood both inside and outside Russia. 

As well as looking back, we will be looking forward towards projects and activities in 2018/2019, where our themes will include truth, performativity, and neutrality. We also continue to explore the potentials of a critical 'Area Studies without Borders', and are pleased to be cooperating with the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies in its major conference on 'Area Studies in Flux' (see below for further details). More whimsically, there is the release of 'no-wave' punk album Roadkill, a teen album starring our very own FRINGE director, Peter Zusi, an upcoming interview with SSEES's new Critical Area Studies lecturer, FRINGEr Michał Murawski, and an invitation to join us in FRINGE work-in-progress groups. Read more

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January will mark the release of the first volumes in the FRINGE Series: The Global Encyclopaedia of Informality. Coming in two volumes and published by UCL Press (free download available here), this book represents a groundbreaking combination of sociological, anthropological, and  ethnographic analysis. Editor and FRINGE founder, Prof. Alena Ledeneva, worked to source and organise over 200 entries on informal practices across the globe. Our favourite entries include: 

Alga aploksnē (Latvia): an undeclared part of a regular wage
Dash (Nigeria): a gift or a bribe, with the ambiguity being a part of the words function
Benami (India): a transaction, or property made or held under a fictitious name, or that of a third party who holds as ostensible owner for the real owner
Vetterliwirtschaft (Switzerland) is a widespread expression denoting mutual favours or preferential treatment in German-speaking communities in Switzerland

The launch of The Global Encyclopaedia of Informality at UCL's Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) kicked off a series of launches of the book across the globe, including launches in Basel, Switzerland, Bloomington, Indiana and University of Belgrade, Serbia (to name a few). Look out for more dates in the global launch. 


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