UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Student led platform Talos and its successes

4 March 2019

Talos team

A team of UCL students - Alix Dumoulin, Dénes András Nagy (UCL SSEES), Max Spohn and Morta Grincevičiūtė (UCL SSEES) - have created a Europeanist civic technology platform called Talos. Their aim is to foster European civicism through encouraging political participation at a European Union level. Amongst other success stories, they have recently been contacted by the European Parliament and have been invited to partner with them! Talos accepted the invitation, and have thus become their official 'Partner for the 2019 European Elections'. How did they achieve this? Out of all the organisations in the EU, Talos was able to reach out to the largest number of EU Member State citizens via their #ThisTimeImVoting campaign - essentially a get-out-the-vote initiative from the European Parliament that aims to encourage citizens to vote in the 2019 European parliamentary elections between the 23-26 May. To date, Talos has recruited through their platform 353 citizens from all EU Member States to actively volunteer for the campaign.