UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)


Storming the Winter Palace: A Party of the Russian and East European Languages and Culture programme

1 January 2017

From: 26 November 2013

On 14 December the UCL SSEES Russian and East European Languages and Culture Programme enjoyed a successful party, attended by 120 students and staff, in the Flaxman Gallery and under the main Portico of UCL. 

In this dramatic and glamorous venue the party was themed around ‘Russian and East European London’ which included a photographic competition. The competition entries, all by staff and students, were on show during the party. The prize winners were Elisabeth Gheorghe, Guo Mo, and Richard Morgan.

Special thanks are due to SSEES, the generous sponsor of our party, to Scott Foulon, of the Main Library, for assisting us throughout with organisational matters, to Tom Chute for the captivating design of our poster, and to the 'Sourced Market' who supplied the wonderful wine, cheese and bread. It was taken as a complement to the party that it was mistaken for a gourmet cheese tasting event by a student who passed by!

A photo-essay based on the submissions will be published on the SSEES Research Blog.