UCL Spintronics Group




09/2023:  "Spin dynamics in van der Waals magnetic systems" published in Physics Reports.
09/2023:  "Magnon-magnon coupling in synthetic ferrimagnets" published in Physical Review B.
06/2023:  "Perspective on unconventional computing using magnetic skyrmions" published in Applied Physics Letters.
06/2023:  Yuto from Tokyo Institute of Technology started his three-month research visit to our group.
06/2023:  Oscar passed her PhD viva with minor corrections. Many conglaturations Oscar! 
05/2023:  "Probing spin dynamics of ultra-thin van der Waals magnets via photon-magnon coupling" published in Nature Communications.
04/2023:  Yifang started his PhD! 
03/2023:  "Laser-induced topological spin switching in a 2D van der Waals magnet" published in Nature Communications.
02/2023:  Hiroto, from Tohoku University, started his extended visit in our group. 
01/2023:  "Nonlinear Magnon Polaritons" published in Physical Review Letters, featured On the Cover and UCL EEE highlight.
12/2022:  Na passed her PhD viva with minor corrections. Many conglaturations Na and all the very best to your next career!
10/2022:  Dan and Kilian started their PhD and fellowship in our group.
08/2022:  Another successful summer school organised by Bridging the Future headed by our own Safe! Jack and Safe managed to run this while having their busy research lives. Well done to both and other contributors!
05/2022:  "Reconfigurable Training and Reservoir Computing via Spin-Wave Fingerprinting in an Artificial Spin-Vortex Ice" published in Nature Nanotechnology.
03/2022:   Dr Yuki Shiomi joined our group as a visitng scientist. 
02/2022:  "Observation and control of collective spin-wave mode hybridisation in chevron arrays and square, staircase and brickwork artificial spin ices" published in Phys. Rev. Research. Well done Troy.
01/2022:  "Magnetism, symmetry and spin transport in van der Waals layered systems" published in Nature Review Physics.
10/2021:  "Tunable gigahertz dynamics of low-temperature skyrmion lattice in a chiral magnet" published in J. Phys. Condens. Matter. Well done Oscar!
10/2021:  New PhD students (Charlie, Zekun, Tianyi and Supanat) started in our group, be it joining physically present or remotely.
09/2021:  Aakanksha passed her PhD viva (4.5 hours long!) with minor corrections. Many conglaturations Aanaksha and all the very best to your next academic career!
09/2021: "Coupling of microwave photons to topological spin-textures in Cu2OSeO3" published in Phys. Rev. B (Letter).
07/2021:  Aakanksha was awarded a Royal Society/JSPS fellowship to work in Japan (Tohoku University). Many congratulations Aakanksha!
07/2021: "Charge Density Waves in Electron-Doped Molybdenum Disulfide" published in Nano Lett.
05/2021: "Reconfigurable magnonic mode-hybridisation and spectral control in a bicomponent artificial spin ice" published in Nature Comm.
02/2021: "Quantum engineering with hybrid magnonics systems and materials” published in IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering.
01/2021: "Growth, strain, and spin-orbit torques in epitaxial Ni-Mn-Sb films sputtered on GaAs" published in Phys. Rev. Mater.
01/2021: "Parity-controlled spin-wave excitations in synthetic antiferromagnets" published in Appl. Phys. Lett.
01/2021: "Spin-orbit coupling suppression and singlet-state blocking of spin-triplet Cooper pairs" published in Science Advances.