Spices and Medicine


Conference - May 2013

'Spices and Medicine: From Historical Obsession to Research of the Future'

Friday 24th May 2013
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM (Registration opens at 9 AM) 
Maplethorpe Lecture Theatre, UCL School of Pharmacy
Sponsored by London BioNat and the British Society for the History of Science

Research Question:

  • How has Europe's fascination with spices as both food and medicine contributed to the global exchange and advancement of medical knowledge from ancient times to today?


  • The one-day conference brought together academics and professionals from the fields of cultural studies, history, medicine, anthropology, pharmacy, and others interested in order to discuss the defining role of spices in the advancement of global medical knowledge and practice, and to showcase the contributions of current student research in various fields. A poster exhibit was also held throughout the conference in the Square Lounge.


Conference Organisers:

Marianne Jennifer Datiles

Professor Michael Heinrich

Generously Sponsored by:

London BioNat Network

The British Society for the History of Science

Hosted by:

the UCL SoP Centre for Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy

in association with the UCL School of European Languages, Culture and Society

Special Thanks to:

Sabine Heinrich and the SoP Events Team

Gustav Ronngren and the SoP Computer Unit

Luis, Carlos and the SoP Reception Team

Sonja van Praag and the UCL IT Team

Johanna Michl for recording Prof. Freedman's keynote lecture

Questions and Comments: spicesandmedicine@gmail.com

The 'Spices and Medicine' series is a new initiative at UCL that aims to showcase interdisciplinary research relating the history of science in Europe and the 'Orient' to the present day and its relevance across different academic fields, and to foster collaborations within UCL and between institutions around the world.