Spices and Medicine



UCL Spices and Medicine is an interdisciplinary initiative that aims to showcase research relating the history of potent substances to the present day and its relevance across different academic fields, and to foster collaborations with institutions and communities interested in exploring botanical traditions. 

Volunteer students, staff, and colleagues give their time, expertise, and knowledge to explore relevant themes and venues for engagement, with a special focus on sharing the academic floor on drugs and herbal medicines research with herbal practicioners, independent scholars, and those outside of academia. UCL Spices and Medicine was initially the theme of a 2013 conference organised by Marianne Jennifer Datiles and Michael Heinrich, and sponsored by the British Society for the History of Science and London BioNat. Our activities since then have included a special journal issue, Potent Substances (Journal of Ethnopharmacology 2015), five symposia at the UCL School of Pharmacy, and participation in a number of public engagement events in the London area over the years. The 2024 annual symposium is being organised by Banaz Jalil and Michael Heinrich. We look forward to continuing to broaden engagement and explore these themes with you!

Past Organisers and Day Volunteers:

  • Zachary Bellman
  • Sukvinder Bhamra
  • Anthony Booker
  • Nomie Butt
  • Marianne Jennifer Datiles (founder)
  • Sarah Edwards
  • Udoamaka Ezuruike
  • Banaz Jalil
  • Hannah Jennings
  • Mukresh Hanafi
  • Katja Lobel
  • Natchagorn (Fon) Lumlerdkij
  • Andre Mazzari
  • Johanna Michl
  • Francesca Scotti
  • Shibo Wu

Special thanks to Prof. Michael Heinrich for giving UCL Spices and Medicine a home at the UCL School of Pharmacy over the years.

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Twitter/X: www.twitter.com/UCLSpices
Facebook: www.facebook.com/UCLSpicesandMedicine


last updated 01 Jan 2024