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Geography | Graduate Open Series

UCL Geography is an established international leader in geographical research. We are committed to theoretically informed empirical research on major social and environmental issues. The department is distinctive in the scale and diversity of its research, as well as its international scope, collaborative links and policy orientation. Students are central to the department's research culture, are able to take advantage of the plethora of opportunities available, and are often involved in hosting events. All our graduate students have access to specialist laboratories and computing facilities.

Studying Geography at UCL

Human Geography MSc Programmes 

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Physical Geography MSc Programmes 

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MSc programme videos

Aquatic Conservation, Ecology and Restoration MSc

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Climate Change MSc

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Conservation MSc

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Environmental Modelling MSc

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Environment, Politics and Society MSc

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Global Migration MSc

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Remote Sensing and Environmental Mapping MSc

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Social and Geographic Data Science MSc

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Urban Studies MSc

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