Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences


Congratulations to our Education award nominees from the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences

3 May 2019

The Education Awards

The Education Awards take place on Thursday 30 May, where the winners of both the UCL Education Awards and the Student Choice Awards will be announced. The awards recognise and reward outstanding contributions to the learning experience and success of our students. Congratulations to our nominees from the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences!

Student Choice Awards

AwardShortlisted Staff
Amazing Support StaffAgnese Benzonelli
Brilliant Research-based EducationHeather Jones
Brilliant Research-based EducationMeg Russell
Diverse & Inclusive CurriculumAshraf Hoque
Excellent Personal TutoringCloda Jenkins
Inspiring Teaching DeliveryRasmus Nilsson
Outstanding Rsearch SupervisionDavid Thornalley

UCL Provost Education Awards

Shortlisted Staff
Manu Savani
Michela Tincani
Lauge N. Skovgaard Poulsen
Team: Helen Bennion, Andrew Harris, Jonathan Holmes, Tariq Jazeel, Anson Mackay, Johanna Waters, and Jason Dittmer (Geography)

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