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UCL academics support Camden’s Citizen Assembly on Climate Change

25 June 2019

Camden Citizens’ Assembly call to action

Experts from UCL are supporting Camden Council to launch its Citizens Assembly on Climate Change.

The Citizens’ Assembly seeks to bring members of the community together to identify the best ways to reduce carbon emissions.

Professor Mark Maslin (UCL Geography) – who was one of David Attenborough's experts in his BBC One film, Climate Change: The Facts – will be introducing the Citizens’ Assembly sessions. He will present on the science of climate change and the potential solutions for both government and individuals.

Professor Simon Lock (UCL Science & Technology) will be helping Camden work out how to get the best out of the Citizens’ Assembly and also how they can record the detailed discussions and measure outcomes.

The Camden Citizens’ Assembly will meet across three sessions, on 1, 11 and 20 July, assisted by Mark, community energy leaders, environmental building experts and local green groups.

It will coincide with the Mayor of London’s first ever London Climate Action Week which will take place between 1-8 July 2019.

Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet Member for a Sustainable Camden, said:

“We are asking residents, businesses, environmental groups, our voluntary and community organisations — and anyone who cares about the climate crisis — to share their ideas, thoughts and suggestions for change via our Commonplace platform. This platform will give experts the opportunity to support the work of the citizens with technical information, ideas, solutions and inspiration.

“We need to make changes at every level. You can submit ideas to the Citizens' Assembly on how CO2 emissions can be reduced at four different scales: ‘At home’, ‘In my neighbourhood’, ‘My council’ and ‘My country’.”

To submit an idea on how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Camden visit the online platform Commonplace.

The first Citizens’ Assembly meetings will take place on:

Monday, 1 July 2019 (6-9pm): Setting the scene and brief for the Citizen’s Assembly’.

For more about the Citizens' Assembly: http://news.camden.gov.uk/camden-citizens-assembly-to-take-on-climate-crisis-challenge/



Camden Citizens’ Assembly call to action