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Global Firms: International Trade and Investment with Financial Frictions and Global Value Chains

17 March 2021, 12:30 pm–1:30 pm

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Kalina Manova, Professor of Economics, UCL Department of Economics, delivers her Inaugural Lecture: 'Global Firms: International Trade and Investment with Financial Frictions and Global Value Chains'.

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About the lecture:

Technological change and trade policy have fundamentally transformed international trade and investment in recent decades. For individual firms, new challenges and opportunities have arisen as production has fragmented across firm boundaries and country borders. For countries at different levels of economic development, the increased heterogeneity and complexity of firms’ participation in the world economy has raised new and different policy questions about the impact of globalization. This lecture will summarize the key lessons emerging from my research agenda on the roles of financial market frictions and global value chains for firm performance and aggregate welfare.

Read on for a sneak preview: 60 seconds with... Professor Kalina Manova

About the speaker:

Professor Kalina Manova is a Harvard AB/AM/PhD, and was previously professor at Stanford, Princeton and Oxford. She is CEPR Research Fellow, EEA Executive Committee Member, REStud editorial board member, and Bank of England Consultant. She has received a Leverhulme Prize in Economics, €1.5M ERC Consolidator Grant, and ₤750 ESRC Governance After Brexit Grant. Her research examines three themes in international trade and investment: financial frictions, firm productivity, and global value chains..

Inaugural Lecture Series 2020/21

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