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Living in a World of Rules

04 February 2020, 6:30 pm–7:30 pm

Living in a World of Rules

Claudio Radaelli, Professor of Public Policy, Department of Political Science, delivers his Inaugural Lecture: 'Living in a World of Rules'

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Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre
UCL Wilkins Building
Gower Street

About the lecture

Living in a world of rules is a conversation with the audience on why laws and regulations save lives and protect the environment but can also stymie growth and trigger corruption. I will explain how I became concerned and scientifically interested in regulatory reform. And how this scientific interest led me to regulatory encounters with the worlds of regulatory guillotines, regulatory czars, regulatory management and international organizations that promote reform and management of public rules. But this lecture is also an opportunity to share with you some thoughts on how, project after project, I came to reflect on my own perspective and engagement with regulatory reform. I live in a world of rules as a citizen, as a policy analyst who leads on research programmes, but also as a researcher whose knowledge, findings and narratives contribute to the debate on what regulatory reform is, should be and who should benefit from it.

Read on for a sneak preview: 60 seconds with... Claudio Radaelli 

About the speaker

Claudio M. Radaelli is Professor of Public Policy in the UCL Department of Political Science. He is currently leading on an ERC (European Research Council) advanced grant on Procedural Tools for Effective Governance (Protego). His research interests lie in learning in public policy (his first ERC advanced grant was on Analysis of Learning in Regulatory Governance, ALREG), regulation, how the EU works and its impact on domestic policy. Claudio has also published on research design in the social sciences.

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