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This autumn, the Slade will celebrate 150 years of fine art teaching and research with a varied programme of events which reflect on the past, showcase the present, and look ahead to the future.

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Celebratory events will range from a Slade 150 symposium series to exhibitions in the UCL Octagon Gallery and UCL Art Museum. A significant anniversary event will also take place towards the end of 2022. All events will seek to engage in critical conversations around access, inclusion and the future of art education.

We look forward to involving the entire Slade community in this milestone year. Please follow #Slade150 to keep up to date with these events. You can also register below to receive updates via email.

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Testing Ground

As part of the Slade 150 anniversary, the UCL Art Museum exhibition Testing Ground is planned for Autumn 2021. This will include a time map that aims to bring together and celebrate events and individuals that have contributed to the Slade’s reputation as an important and significant art institution. Under the title, ThanksToEveryoneForEverything, the map will include pedagogic initiatives, historic events, the development of the Slade building and a roll call of all those who have either studied and/or worked at the Slade since 1871 that are held in UCL and Slade records.

If you do not wish your name to be included please let the Slade know by emailing Rebecca Loweth at