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Methodologies of Drawing (SSFA0034) is a 15-credit FHEQ Level 5 module taught by the Slade which is available to students from other departments in UCL.

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Drawing Methodologies introduces you to a series of practices of drawing in Fine Art emphasizing the development of concepts of drawing. You will learn through practice and consider drawing as a way of seeing and a mode of thought. Over the ten weeks of the course, themes may include: Observation and perspective; drawing and the body; calligraphy, narrative and animation; surface and touch; gesture and trace; and, thinking and seeing through lines.

Taught classes will take place at the Slade School of Art (Gower St) on Monday evenings during term one. In Term 2, you will have two face-to-face, one-to-one tutorials with your tutor to help you develop your own portfolio of individual drawings for assessment.

Each session starts with an introduction to key concepts of drawing with examples from a wide and diverse range of artists.

In the first half of this course we shall cover the rudiments of drawing technique (such as observation, proportion, composition, perspective, etc), learn methods for expressing the dynamics of different textures and tones, and explore our own physicality whilst drawing.

The second half of the course will build upon this focus on technique and embodiment. We will go on to experiment with drawing as an investigative method.

Materials for in-class use will be sourced by the Slade. Students are responsible for purchasing a sketchbook and basic drawing tools for out-of-class work by the beginning of week 2 (suggested: unruled sketchbook at least A4 size, sharp pointed or mechanical pencil, graphite sticks, black fine-liner pen or roller gel ink pen, charcoal, conte crayons).

The key objective of this course is to develop your capacity and enthusiasm to use drawing as a process and a tool that can be used to see things differently. The autumn taught course is designed to enable you to develop your own direction in drawing through a portfolio.