UCL Slade School of Fine Art
2021 Degree Show

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    Perfect behaviour

    , Latifah A Stranack, 2021, oil paint and pigment stick on canvas, 700 w x 215 h x 2 d cm

    ©the artist

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    after all

    , Sharista Dijkman, 2021, cardboard, tape

    ©the artist

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    , Chunshu Cao, 2021, oil, resin on cut canvas,50 x 60 cm

    ©the artist

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    up Up UP

    , Grace Lee, 2020, oil on linen, 105 cm x 80 cm

    Taken from an instructional shadow puppet guide by Utagawa Hiroshige, the shadow bird is placed alongside the origin of its illusion. The hands may transform and take flight, but only behind the criss-crossed paper door that becomes their cage. The grid takes on the impression of a sliding puzzle. If only we could solve it.

    ©the artist

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    Ebb tide

    , Dan Linden, 2021, distemper on linen

    ©the artist

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    No.63 Gaoshanpu Street (version 1)

    , Ruoyu Jiang, 2019, installation (multi-channel video and audio, text, scaffolding, architectural model), variable dimensions

    Art Museum of SCFAI, Chongqing, China

    ©the artist

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    “Rock" from the diptych "Nature we encourage” 

    , Fiorella Angelini, 2019, London, UK, installation, 35 mm pictures series mounted on Foamex PVC, foil rocks, and wooden sticks. 150 x 280 x 69 cm

    Shortlisted in Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019, UK. Shown at the online show “Love of my life” at VitrinaLab curated by Lopez-Chahoud. Oct 2020. Miami, EE.UU

    ©the artist

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    From The Hearth

    , Louis Bennett, 2021, oil and alkyd on polyester, 200 x 150 cm

    ©the artist

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    Sympathetic Transmission Album, with Artist Book Side A

    , I. Nakhla, 2021, handmade, screen print and digital print on 350 gsm paper, 12” pressed vinyl record, with handbound artist book, edition of 6, 32 x 32 cm

    ©the artist

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    Three Sisters

    , Khushna Sulaman-Butt, 2021, oil on linen, 240 cm x 180 cm x 3.5 cm

    ©the artist

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    , Davinia-Ann Robinson, 2020, sculpture 4 m x 2 m

    ©the artist

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    Humming Teeth

    , Haydn Albrow, 2021, ceramic sculptures in varying sizes

    ©the artist

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    Two Suns (The Film That Wasn’t), Still from film

    , Yasmin Vardi, 2021, digital video (4k)

    ©the artist

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    Love Hearts

    , Abi Ola, 2020, oil, acrylic, tissue paper, fabric, oil pastel, and screen print on canvas, 110 x 220 cm

    ©the artist

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    , Hee Jyung Kim, 2021, mixed media (Indian ink, acrylic on paper and acrylic on canvas, cutting out paper (yellow squiggles), acrylic on paper, backdrop stand and magnet), various size

    ©the artist

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    GOLDEN ROSE CAFÉ 金玫瑰咖啡厅 海报

    , Nuoran Zhang, 2021

    Golden Rose Café will be long-term work for me. It is a coffee stall, flowing through urban or rural neighbourhoods and streets. In the context of gentrification, I use myself as a research method to establish localisation links with every place I visit.

    ©the artist

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    Can I have Your Phone?

    , Penelope Kupfer, 2021, screen print and oil paint on canvas, acrylic paint, oil paint, 60 x 80 cm

    ©the artist

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    , Magnus Ayers, 2021
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    Out of the dark / A fragile rope

    , Holly Buckle, 2021

    ©the artist

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    Creature I (front) and IV (back)

    , María Cepeda, 2020, bisque fired ceramics with underglaze, 37h x 27d x 30w cm (front), 32h x 29d x 29w cm (back)

    ©the artist

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    Supersounds of the Atonal I. - Iteration 2

    , Eva Kraljic, 2021, diptych of Giclée prints on Hahnemühle Photorag mounted on aluminium on custom made rotating steel mounts (made in collaboration with Chris Towers), 400 mm x 600 mm

    ©the artist

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    The Ride

    , Grace Mattingly, 2021, oil on canvas, 160 x 200 cm

    Photo: Daniel Jackont, image ©the artist

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    Site For Story Telling

    , Flora Bradwell, 2021, acrylic on calico, 350 x 450 cm

    ©the artist

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    Night Watch

    , Bichsaem Kwon, 2021, oil on canvas, 73 x 61 cm

    ©the artist

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    , Ziwei Gong, 2021, mixed fabric, thread, paint, 160 x 270 cm each

    ©the artist

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    'In Loving Memory of Unkown'

    , Meg Klosterman, 2020, 35mm colour film

    ©the artist

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    Stamen Shaman

    , Jin Wei, 2021, performance, tufted yarn, welded steel, free-motion embroidered fabric, wood frame

    ©the artist

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    Flare 02

    , Laila Majid, 2020, digital video still, 02.15 mins duration

    ©the artist

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    Hyperspace ❑ ❏ Meat-Time ❒ ❐

    , Kyle Howie, 2021, mixed media

    ©the artist

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    A new landmark

    , Victoria Cantons, 2020, oil on linen, 190 x 180 x 3.6 cm

    ©the artist

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    Louise Oates

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    Steady States (still)

    , Yuli Serfaty, 2021, interactive digital environment, sound, dimensions and duration vary

    ©the artist

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    Exhuming Love

    , Willy Nabi, 2021, oil paint on board, watercolour pencil, wood effect adhesive, cardboard, hot glue, and reflective fabric

    ©the artist

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    Whale Fall (Installation view detail)

    , Sophie Mei Birkin, 2021, PETG, glass, PVC, Jesmonite, acrylic, 62 x 150 x 70 cm

    ©the artist

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    "Sun Worshippers"

    , Paula Turmina, 2021, oil on canvas, 450 x 180 cm

    ©the artist

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    Clawing Fan

    , Lindsey Jean McLean, 2021, oil on canvas, 150 cm x 170 cm

    ©the artist

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    The willow tree

    , Minyoung Kim, 2021, acrylic on unstretched canvas, 180 x 270 cm

    ©the artist