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    Ordinary People

    , Zoe Forster, 2019-2020, 16mm film, 02:19

    ©the artist

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    SOURCE, Sankey Archives

    , Zoe Forster, 2020-2021, mixed media, digital film. 02:10

    Sankey Photographic Albums used Courtesy of Signal Film and Media and Cumbria Archives' (Images © The Sankey Family Photography Collection)

    ©the artist

  3. Zoe Forster – MA/MFA

Zoe Forster – MA/MFA

To make work that exists outside the gallery, within a public space that is accessible to everyone is important for me. It’s not that I don’t want to show in gallery spaces, but I want to do it responsibly. I don’t want to create work that disregards who the audience will be. Audience, scale and medium should inform the piece as much as the subject matter. Identity and representation of the working classes, more so the West Cumbrian working-class, is an experience I have been raised within, therefore I'm comfortable in the knowledge that I will not exploit this community. Using materials that feel authentic to the people and landscape I wish to record is imperative to my work.