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VISION: Leadership Training for the Bio Industries

  • 20 hours
  • 3 days


This three-day course will equip you with the tools you need to drive innovation, entrepreneurship and global leadership in your organisation.

It'll help you:

  • hone your leadership qualities
  • adapt your approach to business challenges with new strategic thinking
  • enhance your performance and benefit your organisation

The course provides key leadership insights tailored for current and future leaders in the bioindustries through rigorous intellectual analysis and intensive, practical, peer-to-peer action-based learning.

This programme is run by the Department of Biochemical Engineering at UCL.

Who the course is for

This leadership course is designed specifically for those working in the bioindustry. It's suitable for:

  • managers and practitioners fast-tracked for executive roles or intending to move into leadership positions
  • executives keen to interact with fellow leaders and expert speakers to debate and exchange novel thoughts and opinions
  • funding agencies wanting to interact with present and future thought leaders to gain insights into the sector trends and skills required to navigate the changing bioindustry landscape

Course content and structure

The course involves:

  • talks by guest speakers
  • case study breakout sessions
  • panel discussions with experts

Previous expert speakers include:

  • Barry Buckland, CEO, BiologicB
  • Kym Baker, General Manager, Patheon Biologics Australia
  • Charles Cooney, Professor, MIT
  • Vicki Salmon, Director, The IP Asset Partnership
  • Rahul Singhvi: Operating Partner, Flagship Pioneering (former COO, Takeda Vaccines)
  • Neil Weir, CEO, Sitryx Therapeutics
  • Trent Munro, Professor, AIBN (former Executive Director, Amgen)

Benefits for you

This course will help you:

  • make the transition from science and engineering-based decision making to company-wide strategic solutions
  • build an invaluable network with peers and experts from academia and industry who challenge, stimulate and inspire you
  • gain perspectives on leadership challenges and critical business issues facing the bioindustry globally and formulate actions to address these
  • learn from real life cases studies to succeed in making difficult decisions and implementing strategies to secure a more robust future for your business
  • access and share best practices on how to be a good leader and avoid pitfalls in constantly evolving market
  • achieve your personal development and career objectives
  • evaluate the impact of key innovative research and technologies on the future of business and manufacturing

Benefits for your organisation

This course will:

  • maximise team building, facilitate joint learning and strategic alignment, when several key members from an organisation attend VISION together
  • complement in-house training for succession planning and talent development
  • provide you with key considerations for driving and navigating changes in business to stay ahead
  • enhance the agility of your organisation and how to translate knowledge into commercial benefit
  • allow you to access tools for effectively working across a multidisciplinary business, holistically identify problems, formulate strategies and adapt to change

Costs and group bookings

Please contact mbi-training@ucl.ac.uk for information about costs and group bookings.

Course fees include materials, lunches and refreshments. Accommodation isn't included, but details of special rates at nearby hotels will be sent with your registration pack.

Course team

Programme leaders

Programme leaders

Eli Keshavarz-Moore, Professor of Bioprocess Science & Enterprise, UCL

Naveraj Gill, Strategic Alliance Director, UCL

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