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Videogame Localisation

  • 6 hours
  • 1 day (10am to 4pm)


This one-day online course for translators provides an introduction to video game localisation (a combination of audiovisual translation and software localisation).

You'll gain a global overview of the process of localisation of video games.

You'll learn strategies for this specific type of translation, and about the main tools and workflows used in the localisation industry.

The course is very practical and you'll work with real examples of video games.

This course is run by CenTraS - Centre for Translation Studies at UCL.

Who this course is for

This professional course is open to:

  • freelance translators
  • undergraduate and postgraduate translation students
  • translation tutors

Course content and structure

Part 1: Introduction to the videogames industry and videogames typology

In the first part of the course you'll get a quick introduction to the history of the videogames industry and learn how to analyse and categorise the different types of videogames from the point of view of a translator.

Part 2: Characteristics of the localisation of a videogame

In the second part of the course you'll learn about the main characteristics and strategies of this specific type of translation, such as the:

  • use of transcreation approaches
  • micro-structure and macro-structure of a videogame
  • priorities and restrictions that need to be observed

You'll try putting all these strategies into practice with some examples and hands-on exercises.

Part 3: Tools, workflows and processes to localise a videogame

Finally, you'll learn about the main tools and workflows used in the localisation industry, as well as the different types of workflows for the localisation of a videogame.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you'll be able to:

  • outline the characteristics of the video game localisation industry, as well as its history and basic concepts. 
  • manage the different phases from the beginning of a video game localisation project to its completion
  • apply the corresponding technology according to the type of project
  • translate or localise the different types of texts that make up a video game
  • recognise different computer tools for translation, localisation and testing of video games


You'll receive a certificate of attendance on completion of the course.

Cost and concessions

The fees are as follows: 

  • UCL students and CenTraS alumni - £65
  • UCL staff, academic visitors, and affiliates - £110
  • Full rate - £145

Book a place

To book your place, please send your completed application form to Emmanouela Patiniotaki at selcs.centras-professional@ucl.ac.uk

Course team

Jennifer Vela Valido

Jennifer Vela Valido

Jennifer is a trainer, researcher and doctoral candidate in the fields of localisation and multimedia quality control. She’s also Localization Quality Manager for the Spanish market in Expedia Group. She has a degree in Translation and a Master’s in Audiovisual and Multimedia Translation from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. After finishing her studies, she combined her work as a video game translator with teaching and research in this field. Since 2007 she’s been giving talks, courses and workshops on video game localisation at universities, associations and at international congresses and conferences.

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