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Masterclass in External Eye Disease

  • 3 hours self-study
  • 8 hours of lectures (pre-recorded)


External Eye Diseases is a subspeciality of Ophthalmology that deals with conditions of the front surface of the eye (anterior segment). In this course, you will learn about the presentation, diagnosis, and contemporary management of external eye pathologies.

This course is run jointly by the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology and Moorfields Eye Hospital

Who this course is for 

This course is ideal for any of the following healthcare professionals interested in anterior segment disorders:

  • ophthalmologists
  • resident doctors
  • physicians
  • general practitioners
  • medical students
  • optometrists
  • orthoptists
  • ophthalmic nurses
  • vision scientists

Course content 

This module offers a comprehensive understanding of anterior segment pathology, including examination, imaging, diagnosis, and management.

1. Introduction

  • Overview of corneal anatomy

2. Corneal imaging

  • Corneal topography and tomography
  • Anterior segment optical coherence tomography 
  • Confocal microscopy 

3. Infective keratitis 

  • Causes of infective keratitis (viral, bacterial, fungal and Acanthamoeba) 
  • Investigations in infective keratitis
  • Management of infective keratitis 

4. Allergic eye disease  

  • Types of allergic eye disease 
  • The immunobiology of allergic eye disease 
  • Treatment of atopic and vernal keratoconjunctivitis

5. Corneal dystrophies

  • Classification of corneal dystrophies 
  • Clinical findings of corneal dystrophies
  • Management of corneal dystrophies

6. Corneal ectasias

  • Types of corneal ectasias (including keratoconus)
  • Investigation of corneal ectasias 
  • Management of corneal ectasias 

7. Corneal transplantation 

  • Reasons for corneal grafting 
  • Types of corneal grafts 
  • Transition to lamellar transplantation

8. Corneal transplant complications 

  • The biology of graft rejection 
  • Signs of graft rejection
  • Management of graft rejection
  • Other complications 

9. Chemical eye injuries 

  • Epidemiology of chemical eye injuries 
  • Staging of chemical eye injuries
  • Medical and surgical management of chemical eye injuries

10. Corneal melts 

  • Causes of corneal melts 
  • Medical management of corneal melts
  • Surgical management of corneal melts/perforation

Teaching and structure 

The course content is designed so that you can go through the topics and pre-recorded lectures online at your own pace. There will be an online forum for asking questions.

The course will be hosted on UCL Extend, UCL's learning platform for short courses and professional education.

Access to the course materials will end one month after the course end date. This will be listed on the course area on UCL Extend.

Certificates and assessment 

There will be a multiple-choice quiz with 20 questions at the end of the course.

A certificate of completion will issued on completion of the multiple choice quiz and course feedback form.

Ophthalmologists are eligible for self-certification of CPD points at 1 point/hour in their portfolio.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of corneal anatomy, and how to utilise corneal imaging techniques for accurate examination and diagnosis
  • Differentiate between the various causes of infective keratitis 
  • Apply knowledge of allergic eye disease types to implement treatment
  • Identify different types of corneal dystrophies and corneal ectasias
  • Justify the reasons for corneal grafting and why a lamellar corneal graft might be preferred 
  • Identify the signs of graft rejection
  • Evaluate chemical eye injuries, and manage these appropriately in an acute setting
  • Determine the causes of corneal melts and understand how to manage a corneal perforation 
  • Integrate knowledge through the analysis of clinical cases


The standard course fee is £650.

Course team

Su-Yin Koay

Su-Yin Koay

Su-Yin is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital. She specialises in External Diseases and Cornea and Emergency Ophthalmology and serves as the lead for corneal infections.

She has a strong commitment to driving positive change and has won multiple awards for her quality improvement initiatives. She was also awarded the Elizabeth Hunt Medal by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. Her contributions to the field are reflected in numerous peer-reviewed publications and she regularly lectures at national and international conferences.

Beyond her clinical expertise, Miss Koay is a dedicated educator who aims to foster a culture of continuous learning. Her passion lies in enhancing the management of anterior segment pathologies through teaching. As an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and is frequently invited to lecture on various revision courses

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