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Digital Business Academy: Launch a Digital Business

  • Up to 3 hours
  • No start date - work at your own pace


Starting any business can be a minefield, even for experienced entrepreneurs.

This series of five free online courses will help you avoid some of the common mistakes people make when launching a new business, ensuring a smooth launch.

These courses have been created for the Digital Business Academy by Tech City UK in association with UCL.

Course content and structure

There are five individual courses, which you can work through in your own time. Each course takes from 15 to 30 minutes.

In each course you'll watch short videos of experts and entrepreneurs sharing their experiences and practical advice. There are also interactive elements and quizzes to help you practice what you've learnt.

1. Avoiding common mistakes in building your team

Avoid common mistakes entrepreneurs make in building their teams. You'll get advice on how to manage and incentivise your team and make better hires as your business grows.

2. Developing a compelling story about your idea

Stay prepared for anything by developing a compelling story about your idea. You'll learn approaches that can help keep your development on track and how to move smoothly toward a business launch.

3. Avoiding running out of cash

Know your options for financing your new business. Learn how to avoid the cashflow trap, keep hold of more of your equity and make smarter decisions about financing your new business.

4. Thinking about your customer journey

Lay the foundations for lasting success with your first customers. You'll get a list of mistakes to watch out for in customer interaction and some expert guidance on creating great relationships.

5. Choosing the right legal structure for your business

Even the best companies can stumble over the legal issues of incorporating their business. Learn how to avoid their mistakes as well as getting a list of key things to watch out for as you register your business.

About the Digital Business Academy

The Digital Business Academy was developed by Tech City UK to help aspiring entrepreneurs learn the skills they need to turn their dreams into real products and real companies.

Currently, there are 56 free online course available. These have been developed in partnership with industry experts an leading educational institutions, including UCL.

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