UCL Department of Security and Crime Science


Crime Science MSc

Those wishing to study our MSc in Crime Science can select one of three routes detailed below. 

Crime Science MSc

This MSc provides students with a thorough understanding of how science and scientifically based techniques can deliver immediate and sustainable reductions in crime. The programme focuses on how to better apply science to understand crime problems, develop strategies for preventing them, and increase the probability of detecting and arresting offenders.

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Crime Science with Data Science MSc

Data has turned into a high-value strategic asset that affects nearly every aspect of our changing society. It’s allowing us to gain ever deeper insights into how people interact and connect with each other and is changing the way we respond to national and global challenges through a more profound understanding of the processes that underpin our everyday lives.

The Crime Science with Data Science MSc route will equip students with the skills and knowhow for developing strategies to understand and effectively respond to real-world problems using data-driven approaches. Students will become proficient in the application of data science principles to evaluate the value of, and utilise crime and security data through critical assessment, statistical interpretation and an in-depth understanding of data analytics. 

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Crime Science with Cybercrime MSc

Cybercrime is a borderless global problem that affects governments, businesses, and individuals. Cybercriminals often operate maliciously and their methods for exploiting human and security vulnerabilities and are becoming ever more sophisticated. As digital revolution continues to grow and the world becomes more dependant and trusting of online platforms for services and social interactions, new opportunities for criminal activity will emerge.

The Crime Science with Cybercrime MSc route provides students with the opportunity to learn about the drivers, motives, and dynamics of cybercriminal operations, and the various actors involved in carrying them out. By laying the groundwork for studying cutting-edge cyber-security technologies, students will gain knowledge of how multidisciplinary approaches can be adopted to establish where pinch-points exist in the commission processes of cybercrime, and design mitigation techniques to effectively disrupt them.

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