UCL Department of Security and Crime Science



Our departmental team includes our academic and research staff, alongside our dedicated team of professional services staff, who support a range of our activities, including teaching, research, events and strategic partnerships. 

Academic & Teaching Staff
NamePosition Contact details
Dr Matthew AshbyLecturer in Security and Crime Sciencematthew.ashby@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Ingolf Becker Lecturer in Security and Crime Sciencei.becker@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Jyoti BelurProfessor of Policingj.belur@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Hervé BorrionDeputy Head of UCL Security & Crime Science
Professor of Crime Science
Professor Noemie Bouhana Professor of Crime Science and Counter Extremismnoemie.bouhana@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Kate BowersHead of UCL Security & Crime Science 
Professor Ben BradfordDirector of Global Institute for City Policing
Professor Spencer Chainey

Professor of Security & Crime Science
Director of the JDI Latin America and Caribbean Unit

Dr Kevin Chetty Associate Professork.chetty@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Ella CockbainAssociate Professor e.cockbain@ucl.ac.uk
Dr James French Associate Professorjames.french@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Paul GillProfessor of Security & Crime Sciencepaul.gill@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Shane D JohnsonDirector of Dawes Centre for Future Crimes
Dr Lu LemanskiAssociate Professor (Teaching)l.lemanski@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Enrico Mariconti Lecturer in Security and Crime Sciencee.mariconti@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Paul McFarlane Lecturer (Teaching) in Security & Crime Sciencep.mcfarlane@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Ruth Morgan 

Professor of Crime and Forensic Science
Director of UCL Centre for the Forensic Sciences
Vice Dean (Interdisciplinarity Entrepreneurship) UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Dr Sherry Nakhaeizadeh Associate Professor in Crime and Forensic Sciencesherry.nakhaeizadeh.12@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Lorenzo PasculliDeputy Director of Dawes Centre For Future Crime
Associate Professor in Crime Science 
Dr Krisztian Posch Lecturer in Security and Crime Sciencek.posch@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Alina RisteaLecturer in Security and Crime Science a.ristea@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Sandy Schumann Lecturer in Security & Crime Sciences.schumann@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Aiden SidebottomAssociate Professora.sidebottom@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Amy Thornton Director of Studies
Associate Professor (Teaching)
Dr Kartikeya Tripathi Lecturer in Security & Crime Sciencekartikeya.tripathi.11@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Richard Wortley Professor of Crime Sciencer.wortley@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Sanaz ZolghadrihaLecturer in Security and Crime Sciencesanaz.zolghadriha.13@ucl.ac.uk
Ms Juliana Gomez-QuinteroLecturer in Security & Crime Sciencejuliana.gomezquintero@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Nilufer Tuptuk Lecturer in Security & Crime Sciencen.tuptuk@ucl.ac.uk
Mr Mark AmaralAssociate Lecturer mark.amaral.14@ucl.ac.uk
Professional Services Staff
Name PositionContact details
Miss Laura BaggioliUndergraduate Programme Administratorl.baggioli@ucl.ac.uk
Ms Caitlin Clemmow JDI Research Laboratory Supervisorcaitlin.clemmow@ucl.ac.uk
Mr Peter Gudge PA to Head of Department
Short Courses Administrator
Mr Vaseem KhanStrategic Alliance Directorvaseem.khan@ucl.ac.uk
Miss Rashmi KharelSafety Officer and Lab Technicianrashmi.kharel@ucl.ac.uk
Miss Abiha NigathResearch Finance Officera.nigath@ucl.ac.uk
Miss Paola PaneSenior Teaching & Learning Administratorp.pane@ucl.ac.uk
Ms Amy ClemensDepartmental Manager a.clemens@ucl.ac.uk
Ms Caroline HorslenTeaching and Learning Administratorc.horslen@ucl.ac.uk
Mr Carlos CokeTeaching & Learning Administratorc.coke@ucl.ac.uk 
Miss Julia MoldoveanuCommunications & Marketing Officer j.moldoveanu@ucl.ac.uk
Mrs Sarah Matthews Events Officer sarah_matthews@ucl.ac.uk
Research Staff
Name PositionContact details
Mr Phil DohertyResearch Assistantphilip.doherty.16@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Sofia Kyprianides Research Fellowa.kyprianides@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Manja Nikolovska Research Fellow in Future Crimem.nikolovska@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Zoe MarchmentResearch Associatezoe.marchment@ucl.ac.uk
Miss Bettina RottweilerResearch Assistantbettina.rottweiler.16@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Julia YesbergResearch Fellowj.yesberg@ucl.ac.uk
Honorary Staff
Name Position
Mr Michael BartonVisiting Professor
Dr John BlytheHonorary Research Fellow
Dr Helen Brayley-MorrisHonorary Research Associate
Mr Stephen BurtonHonorary Senior Research Fellow
Mr Ahmet CelikHonorary Research Associate
Ms Jaya Chakrabarti-GallemoreHonorary Research Fellow
Ms Sylvia Jean Helene CheneryHonorary Research Fellow
Professor Ronald Clarke Visiting Professor
Mr Martin ClementsVisiting Professor
Dr Fabiola Colone  Honorary Associate Professor
Dr Emily Corner Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Ryan DavenportHonorary Research Fellow
Dr Paul DawsonHonorary Senior Research Associate
Dr Itiel DrorHonorary Senior Research Associate
Mr Paul EkblomVisiting Professor
Dr Ian ElliottHonorary Research Associate
Professor Robert Mark EvansVisiting Professor
Dr Frank FarnhamHonorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Kacper Gradon    Honorary Senior Research associate
Professor Matthew GrayVisiting Professor
Mr Martin HewittHonorary Senior Research Associate
Dr Baldvin Donald HolbrookHonorary Senior Research Associate
Dr Joanna KiddHonorary Senior Research Assoicate
Professor Johannes KnutssonVisiting Professor
Professor Richard LaceyVisiting Professor
Mr William Lexton-JonesHonorary Lecturer
Mr Raj MahajanHonorary Lecturer
Dr Matthew ManningHonorary Professor
Professor Gill MartinHonorary Visiting Professor
Dr Georgina MeakinHonorary Senior Lecturer
Dr William PeaceHonorary Senior Research Associate
Professor Kenneth PeaseHonorary Professor
Mr James PiggHonorary Research Fellow
Professor Devon PolaschekVisiting Professor
Dr Agathe Ribereau-GayonHonorary Research Fellow
Mr Arthur RizerHonorary Research Associate
Mr Nick RossVisiting Professor
Dr Jamie SaundersVisiting Professor
Dr Rachel SellersHonorary Research Associate
Dr Suzanne ShaleVisiting Professor
Dr Priya SinghHonorary Research Associate
Dr Nadine SmitHonorary Research Fellow
Professor Elizabeth StankoVisiting Professor
Dr Elizabeth StonesHonorary Lecturer
Professor Max TaylorVisting Professor
Mr Neil ThompsonHonorary Visiting Professor
Mr Andrew ThomsonHonorary Senior Research Associate
Dr Lisa TompsonHonorary Research Fellow
Dr Simon WilsonHonorary Senior Lecturer

Media enquiries 

For more details on Security and Crime Science academics and their area of expertise, please contact us via email.