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Find out more about how UCL Security and Crime Science works together with different organisations inside and outside of UCL

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UCL Security and Crime Science (SCS) works with a number of organisations from the public and private sector who have funded students onto our programmes, or otherwise provided tangible support such as data or equipment, including organisations such as RAPISCAN SystemsSelex Galileo, the El-Masry Foundation, the Home Office, a range of UK policing agencies, Cranfield Defence Academy and many others.

These students are working on problems of direct interest to the organisations in question, delivering not only leading research but also learning the valuable skills that will turn them into future leaders, often within those organisations.


Here at SCS, we are very proud of our former students and their achievements. We know how important Alumni are in shaping the programmes we offer, inspiring our students and providing graduate recruitment opportunities. 

We want to know about your success stories, whether it’s starting your own business, working in industry or continuing studies at UCL. Tell us more at scs@ucl.ac.uk and help inspire a new generation of students. 

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