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Student Danae Pocobelli awarded bursary by Sapienza University of Rome

11 November 2016


EAHA PhD student Danae Phaedra Pocobelli has been awarded by Sapienza University of Rome with the Concorso per corsi di perfezionamento all’estero (Competition for specialisation courses in foreign countries) prize. The award aims to support young and skilful Sapienza graduates to continue their studies either with specialisation courses and in the research field. Danae is one of the 8 students that Sapienza Committee chose throughout the candidates coming from the Civil Engineering and Architecture field. The Concorso per corsi di perfezionamento all’estero award is given on basis of both academic curriculum vitae and an oral exam; to be admitted to the oral exam, candidates must have at least a Laurea Magistrale (bachelor and master). The points to upgrade to the oral exam are then given on basis of numbers of publications, Professional Qualifications, foreign languages proficiency and other relevant titles. Once admitted, candidates have to illustrate the research project they aim to develop in the foreign country. The Specialised Committee evaluates the feasibility and the strength of the project, and assesses the candidate’s specific knowledge about Civil Engineering and Architecture. Specifically, Danae had to demonstrate her skills regarding structural consolidation and conservation for heritage buildings.

Danae is a 2nd year doctoral student at the Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology and her is researching “Building Information Models from Monitoring and Simulation Data in Heritage Buildings”. She is based at UCL and works in partnership with Historic England and Plowman Craven.


Image: Sapienza, University of Rome © Sapienza, University of Rome