Science Technology Platforms


Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry facilities at UCL ensure researchers have timely access to equipment, resources and expertise necessary to undertake world-leading research.
UCL/Birkbeck ISMB Mass Spectrometry Facility

UCL/Birkbeck Inst. of Structural & Molecular Biology

Mass Spectrometry group performs ion mobility and protein conformational studies on isolated proteins/complexes using the Waters Cyclic Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometer and basic protein identification using QTOF technology. Computational tools are also developed to process the data obtained.

UCL School of Pharmacy

UCL School of Pharmacy

Mass Spectrometry Facility offers state-of-the-art instruments including two tandem mass spectrometers with liquid chromatography interfaces and a MALDI-TOF instrument. Mass spectrometry services are offered to both internal and external customers.

UCL translational Mass Spectrometry Research Group

UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health

Translational Mass Spectrometry Research Group brings together cutting edge technology with precision and stratified medicine for the benefit of patients. The group specialises in using extreme deep phenotyping to find new drug targets, elucidate disease mechanisms, identify new biomarkers and develop new tests for the NHS and industrial drug trials. 

Institute for Women's Health Cancer Proteomics Group (CPG)

UCL Chemistry

Mass Spectrometry facility provides nominal and accurate mass measurements using EI, CI and ESI ionisation techniques,  LC-MS of small molecules and protein/antibody analyses,  GC-MS analyses with EI and CI ionisation, peptide finger printing, LC-MS/MS and MSn, GC-Selective Ion Monitoring (SIM) scans and LC-SIMs.

Cancer Institute Proteomics Research Core Facility

UCL Cancer Institute

Proteomics Research Translational Technology Platform provides infrastructure for protein and PTM identification and quantification and expertise in PTM enrichment strategies, peptide separations and state-of-the-art MS for discovery-driven experiments. In order to establish a collaboration, you need to submit a project proposal according to facility’s guidelines.