UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences


Information for sponsors

Every UCL Springboard Population Science Fellow is sponsored by a member of academic staff within Faculty of Population Health Sciences.For further information please refer to the FAQs

  • Sponsors provide a commitment, and assurance to the Programme Selection Panel, that the Fellow will be provided with dedicated research space, support and facilities to allow them to establish and pursue their independent research agenda.
  • Any Principal Investigator leading cohort research, or Head of Department/Division/Institute with a permanent position within the Faculty of Population Health Sciences who can make this commitment can act as a sponsor for a Springboard Population Science Fellow. Staff are encouraged to discuss potential sponsorship with their Head of Department or Division/Institute.
  • Sponsors must provide a letter of support, providing this commitment, to be included within a candidate's Springboard Population Science Fellowship application.
  • During recruitment to the Springboard Population Science Fellowship Programme, Faculty of Population Health Sciences academic staff may expect to be contacted by prospective candidates requesting sponsorship.
  • There is no obligation to become a sponsor: sponsors should assess the calibre of the candidate and ability to commit the required support and resources before agreeing to act as a sponsor.