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How do I apply for a Springboard Population Science Fellowship?

All applications must be made online at www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/jobs

  1. Search for the vacancy and click on the job title.
  2. The "JD and application guidelines" document will be available to download (also available in right hand menu), as well as a word document "application form". Read these in full.
  3. Use the information in these guidelines and FAQs to approach and secure a UCL Sponsor in the Faculty of Population Health Sciences. You should contact and secure a sponsor at an early stage of the application process, as applications submitted without a sponsor risk not being considered for shortlisting.
  4. Complete the basic information required in the online application.

  5. Download and fill in the word document application form.

    • You must provide details of your UCL Faculty of Population Health Sciences Sponsor, and any additional sponsors.
    • If you are on the UCL redeployee register, please indicate this in the relevant box and supply your redeployee ID.
    • Use the relevant tick boxes to indicate whether you are applying for either the Functional Ageing and multimorbidity Fellowship or the fellowship in Genomic, metabolomic and proteomic predictors of disease.
  6. Obtain or complete all of the required documents as detailed on the application form. These are:

    • A covering letter from the candidate explaining why you are applying for this fellowship and outlining career goals, plans for future funding applications and justification for applying to UCL (maximum one A4 side)
    • CV of the candidate (maximum three A4 sides) plus full publication list
    • A research proposal outlining the planned research, with emphasis on vision and ambition (maximum two A4 sides, no less than Arial pt 11 font, references can be on a separate page)
    • A letter of support from the UCL Sponsor(s) (maximum one A4 side)
  7. Upload the completed application form and enclosures to the online application.
  8. Check your application and submit it.

Where do I upload the application form and attachments?

The online recruitment system uses a standard format that allows a maximum of TWO documents to be uploaded. We recommend that you:

1. Upload your CV on the 'upload CV' section

2. Create a single pdf document containing the completed application form and all remaining enclosures, and upload this in the 'other supporting documents' section.

The guidance notes in the online application system mention a 'supporting statement' but I can't see this. Do I have to complete it?

No. There are some standard guidance notes in the online recruitment system that refer to a slightly different application format. There is no 'supporting statement' within the online application for a Springboard Population Science Fellowship. Please refer to the application guidelines and 'How to Apply' above for the documents that are required.

What is the deadline for applications and when will I hear?

The deadline for applications is 30 November 2015.

Shortlisting will take place in early December and interviews will be held on 11 or 16 December: you should ensure these dates are clear in your diary. Whilst we endeavour to provide written feedback to unsuccessful applicants, due to the high volume of applications this may not be possible.

Can I contact multiple academics at once to inquire about sponsorship?

We encourage you to approach Professor Diana Kuh (d.kuh@ucl.ac.uk) for the ageing theme, or Professor Aroon Hingorani (a.hingorani@ucl.ac.uk) for the 'omics theme, to discuss potential sponsors in the first instance. After this discussion, we discourage you from contacting multiple academics at once and recommend that you contact initially only the academic whose research interests most closely match your own and who would therefore be most likely to be able to provide sponsorship. If you do not hear from them you might wish to move on to contacting a different academic, however please bear in mind that each potential sponsor may receive multiple requests.

I have contacted an academic about sponsorship but have not heard back. What do I do?

There is no obligation for academics to become a sponsor. Some may receive a large volume of requests and may not able to respond to all of them. If you do not hear after a reasonable time or a reminder, you may need to seek a different sponsor. In some cases it may not be possible to find a suitable sponsor.

What if I still have query?

If you have read the application guidelines and FAQs, or have a general query about the UCL Springboard Population Science Fellowship Programme, please contact ucl-fellowships@ucl.ac.uk. Please note that due to the volume of queries there may be a slight delay in response time.