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We are a research powerhouse, with a commitment to addressing some of the world's most pressing problems and enhancing the lives of people in the capital, the UK and around the world. 

UCL Research Domains | Working across subjects 

We have made cross-disciplinary research a priority. Merging and working across traditional subject barriers enables ideas from one subject area to be seeded into another, resulting in fruitful new ideas - and even new disciplines. The UCL Research Domains provide strategic coordination across the university and a platform for research communities to engage with partner organisations.

Research impact


Individually and in collaboration, UCL experts develop insights relevant to the great challenges facing the world. Our research generates applicable knowledge and we encourage our researchers to think creatively about how their work intersects with the world outside academia, and provide mechanisms to bring their knowledge, creativity and insight to the people and organisations who need it most.

Research integrity


UCL is committed to maintaining the integrity and probity of academic research. High standards are essential for ensuring the highest quality research as well as the continued trust and confidence in research, individual researchers, UCL as an institution and the research community as a whole. Research should be conducted, and the results of research disseminated, honestly, accurately and in accordance with professional standards.

Animal research at UCL

We are a world-leading medical research institution and animal research forms a relatively small but vital proportion of our work. Our animal research information website explains how UCL conducts animal research. It includes descriptions of the processes governing research and the '3Rs': replacing animal research with alternatives, reducing the number of animals used and refining experiments to minimise harm and discomfort to animals.

Special Grand Rounds 

Our Special Grand Rounds highlight work across the School and are designed to cover basic, clinical and population science.



Imaging-guided diagnosis and therapy


Dr Clare Allen
Professor Avigdor Scherz (Weizmann Institute of Science)
Mrs Caroline Moore

A scientific approach to education

Professor Lorraine Dearden (UCL Institute of Education)
Professor Diana Laurillard (UCL Institute of Education)
Dr John Jerrim (UCL Institute of Education)
Dr Jeff Bezemer (UCL Institute of Education)