UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences


Ignite flagship programme

28 February 2019

UCL has received funding under the GCRF Global Impact Accelerator Award initiative and secured funding from UKRI to support a portfolio of projects in partnership with the African Health Research Insititute (AHRI).


By developing a knowledge exchange and leadership programme to support sub-Saharan African researchers and UCL researchers we will address the challenge of improving health and health technologies and systems in sub-Saharan Africa

One of the outcomes of the GCRF award will be delivered by the Academic Careers Office (ACO) at UCL, which supports medical and biomedical researchers in developing their careers by focusing on enhancing leadership and resilience skills. 

The ACO will launch its annual flagship programme, the Ignite Medical Innovation Summit, with a focus on Global Health and focus on the challenges as well as opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa. 

By bringing together leaders in medical innovation to challenge each other, learn from other sectors and develop new ways of thinking and working, Ignite will position participants to change the future of medical innovation and accelerate progress. Ignite alumni also go on to become CASMI fellows with an opportunity to become further involved in the innovation landscape debate through workshops and tailored events. 

Ignite for Global Health will address the particular issues that arise when bringing new innovation into a healthcare setting – a particular concern in both the UK and across sub-Saharan Africa – drawing out mutual learning in this area.

  • It will focus on mHealth, big data and digital technology for healthcare innovation.
  • It will aim to raise the profile, build networks and boost the capacity of high level professionals in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Topics will include regulation and legislation affecting innovation (e.g. Pan-African organisations, governments and regulators strategies and process); Economic factors influencing innovation (e.g. incentives, barriers and funding mechanisms); Uptake of innovation in healthcare settings (e.g. innovation adoption).
  • The summit will be delivered through face-to-face workshops and debates as well as immersion sessions in local organisations aligned to medical innovation. It will draw from the experience of, individual, organisations and companies in Africa.

Ignite for Global Health will take place in Cape Town 26-27 March 2019.