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People with medical conditions – assessing risks

Generally, you don't need a separate risk assessment for people with medical conditions. Find out how to take their needs into account when reviewing your existing risk assessments.

In many cases, specific, separate, risk assessments for people with medical conditions are not required and existing risk assessments can be modified to take into account risks that may be present for them. Where personalised risk assessments are required, for example, if advised by Workplace Health, these should be carried out by managers and saved confidentially within riskNET.

Separate guidance is available for new and expectant mothers.

Risk assessments should not contain personal information that identifies individuals.

Making reasonable adjustments

UCL is required to make reasonable adjustments to make sure that people with disabilities, or physical or mental health conditions, are not substantially disadvantaged when doing their jobs. Reasonable adjustments can include making adjustments to premises or acquiring and modifying equipment.

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Specialist advice

Don't make assumptions and be aware that disabilities can affect people in very individual ways. You may need specialist help to understand the effects of a person's medical condition on workplace health and safety. Workplace Health will help managers understand how to accommodate them.

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Last updated: Monday, October 3, 2022