People at UCL Robotics


Departments and People

UCL Computer Science

Professor Mandayam A. Srinivasan
Professor of Haptics

Vijay M. Pawar
Senior Research Associate

Professor Danail Stoyanov
Professor of Robot Vision

Professor Steve Hailes
Professor of Wireless Systems

Professor Lourdes de Agapito Vicente
Professor of 3D Vision

Dr. Simon Julier
Reader in Situation Awareness Systems

Professor Mark Handley
Professor of Networked Systems

Dr. Catherine Holloway
Senior Lecturer

Professor Anthony Steed
Professor of Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics

Professor John Shawe-Taylor
Professor of Computational Statistics and Machine Learning

Professor Niloy Mitra
Professor of Geometry Processing


UCL Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Professor Stuart Robson
Professor of Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning

Dr. Rodolfo Lorenzo

Dr. Jan Boehm
Associate Professor

Dr. Mona Hess
Honorary Senior Research Associate

UCL Bartlett: Faculty of the Built Environment

 Alan Penn

  • Architectural and urban computing, space syntax methods, spatio-temporal representation of built environments, investigations on urban spatial networks
  • The UCL Bartlett , Faculty of Built Environment, Staff profile
  • Publications and Contact: IRIS profile

Bob Sheil

  • Architecture and design through production, digital manufacturing and technologies
  • The UCL Bartlett, School of Architecture, 
  • Publications and Contact: IRIS profile

 Peter Scully

Ruairi Glynn

UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science

 Rui Loureiro

Tom Carlson

UCL Mechanical Engineering

Manish K Tiwari

  • Sensors and flexible electronics
  • High-res 3D printing
  • Publications and Contact: IRIS profile

Helge A Wurdemann

  • Innovative technologies to enhance user experience
  • Design of bio-inspired, soft and stiffness-controllable robotic devices
  • Publications and Contact: IRIS profile

UCL Medical Physics

Christos Bergeles

  • Novel mechatronics for minimally invasive interventions
  • Flexible instruments for microsurgery
  • Image processing for efficient robot end-effector control
  • Publications and Contact: IRIS profile

UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Sarah Spurgeon

  • Systems modelling and analysis, robust control and estimation
  • control and measurement technology
  • Publications and Contact: IRIS profile

UCLU Robotics Society