UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction



The IRDR people benefit from successful professional experiences and project delivery in their field. We understand practical challenges in each industry.

Our academics work regularly on bespoke consultancy projects for industry and public organisations. We can work on large or small projects: from a single day, or a specified number of ad hoc days, through to large, milestone-focused, multi-party projects.

The IRDR has a successful track record in rapidly assembling multi-disciplinary project teams to address an industry's problem and form the particular combination of skills required by the nature of the project. 

IRDR combines industry awareness with depth of research quality at UCL, one of the most prestigious research institutions in the world. The multidisciplinary and diversity of skills at IRDR supports our partners and clients to reduce disasters and understand how to deal with that in the following ways:

  • understand risk from a specific disciplinary perspective
  • understand the multifaceted nature of Risk
  • integrating risk
  • disaster management and emergency planning
  • resilience and business continuity
  • reducing risk during recovery

The following are examples of IRDR consultancy projects that could be shared with public.

  • Multi-Country Exposure Assessments (confidential client) We undertook a consultancy on multi-country exposure to natural hazards such as storms, floods and earthquakes, major industrial risks such as explosions and toxic material releases, and intentional threats such as acts of terrorism. We assessed strategies for managing hazards, vulnerability and disaster impacts in the insurance market.
  • Response of Natural Disasters through Resilience: Addressing Extreme Climatic Disasters to Annihilate the Insecurity of Food, Nutrition and Livelihood - A Study on Disaster affected Countries of Asia. 2017 International Center for Collaborative Research on Disaster Risk Reduction (Beijing)
  • Disaster Risk Assessment Training (in partnership with Ambiental) 2015 World Bank
  • Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering CPD Course 2014 Project team included UCL EPICentre , UCL Civil Engineering & University of San Diego Public