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Impact power

'Impact' was a new element in this exercise. The results indicate that UCL has the greatest impact power (according to the impact GPA x FTE measure.)

See our new portfolio of examples of impact arising from UCL research.

The top seven higher education institutions (HEIs) by 'impact power'

'impact power'
InstitutionTotal number of
FTE staff submitted
Impact GPA (0-4)'Impact power' (Impact GPA x FTE submitted)
Oxford 2,409 3.518457.75
Cambridge 2,088 3.497281.52
Edinburgh 1,753 3.466059.47
Manchester 1,561 3.455383.81
King's 1,369 3.524816.33
Nottingham 1,404 3.364719.91

Data source: REF 2014 Results Analysis Tool developed by Elsevier Analytical Services, part of Elsevier Research Intelligence.

Figures rounded to two decimal points; calculations based on exact figures.