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UCL Statement on Research Transparency Published

14 November 2019

Research transparency is part of UCL's responsible research agenda, ensuring that our research is open, evidence-based, and where appropriate, reproducible.


UCL has published its Statement on Transparency in Research, after UCL's Academic Committee agreed unanimously to approve the statement at a meeting on 14 November. Research transparency covers topics including reproducibility, open research, and our research standards, and is part of UCL's broader commitment to upholding the highest possible standards in research and academia. 

The Statement on Transparency in Research sets out the expectations we have for researchers at UCL, and how we will embed and support responsible practices across the university. We understand that behaviours in support of transparency vary considerably across disciplines and methodologies, and expect researchers to adopt those actions most appropriate to their field. 

The statement was developed following wide consultation across UCL, including a town hall meeting and online survey,  external stakeholders, including the UK Reproducibility Network, Vice-Provosts and the Provost.


Read the UCL Statement on Transparency in Research 

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