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The UCL Research Domains are large, cross-disciplinary research communities that span UCL and our partner organisations, fostering interaction and collaboration. We believe that by bringing together a critical mass of expertise we can undertake internationally leading research in our key areas of strength.


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Events & Seminars

30 May, 2017Brain Sciences Inaugural Lectures: How the brain learns from examples and Causality in mind: learning, reasoning and blaming
31 May, 2017Get that grant: introduction to grantsmanship for early career researchers
1 June, 2017Advances in rare & inherited cardiovascular disease symposium
1 June, 2017CNT Seminar: "CEST-MRI: from bench to bedside"
1 June, 2017Course for the "Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging Toolbox", aka. PRoNTo
1 June, 2017IIT Seminar: Infection Induced Lung Germinal Centres
1 June, 2017Modulation of metabotropic glutamate receptor activity as a potential treatment for spinocerebellar ataxia, SCA1
2 June, 2017Brain Meeting
3 June, 2017#LearnHack
5 June, 2017Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Seminars: 'Comparing frontal lobe mechanisms of decision-making in different species'
5 June, 2017The immunology of TB
7 June, 2017IMN Seminar Series: Probabilistic models of sensorimotor control and decision making
7 June, 2017Research, impact and the UK Parliament: London
8 June, 2017IIT Seminar: Mosquito bite inflammation: more than just a nuisance
9 June, 2017Brain Meeting
9 June, 2017How to Change the World Seminar Series: Engineering in the Industrial Strategy – The Fundamental Facilitator
9 June, 2017Nitric oxide and Neurophysiology Symposium
12 June, 2017Brain Sciences Inaugural Lectures: Revisiting Mama and Papa
12 June, 2017Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Seminars: On the pragmatics of face-to-face communication; the role of the body in social cognition and social interaction
12 June, 2017Introduction to bioinformatic resources and gene ontology - June 2017
13 June, 2017ALS Seminar: Should we target spinal microcircuits to treat ALS?
13 June, 2017Does the UK need a Body Farm
13 June, 2017Read all about it! Media relations for early career researchers
13 June, 2017The effects of the built environment on social networks and mental wellbeing
13 June, 2017UCL IIT Annual Immunology Symposium with Pears Lecture 2017
15 June, 2017Is having a haircut good for your mental health?
15 June, 2017Learning to live with MS: A true story
16 June, 20172017 UCL Neuroscience Symposium
19 June, 2017Cell-intrinsic defence mechanisms against HIV-1
19 June, 2017Consulting skills - career development programme for UCL researchers
19 June, 2017Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Seminars: Confidence, deliberation and democracy
19 June, 2017Seeds of culture
20 June, 2017UCL Research Staff Conference 2017: Transitions in Careers
22 June, 2017Brain Sciences Inaugural Lectures: "The random walk of translational MR Physics" and "Improving our understanding of MS using imaging"
22 June, 2017Embedding innovation in the NHS: patient, practice and system perspectives
22 June, 2017IIT Seminar: How T cells cause autoimmune disease and hold the key to curing cancer
22 June, 2017WIBR Cafe Seminar: 'How do we sleep?'
23 June, 2017Modeling Alzheimer’s disease
23 June, 2017Molecular mechanisms of learning of memory underlying Alzheimer's disease
23 June, 2017TechSharing Seminar Series: Co-design in digital health
27 June, 2017Webinar: introduction to Next Steps and the Age 25 Survey
28 June, 2017ALS Seminar: Marco Terenzio
28 June, 2017Brain Sciences Inaugural Lectures: Bridging research and practice in child mental health: Tales from the swampy lowlands
28 June, 2017IMN Seminar Series: Functional characterization of human motor cortex: an intraoperative
29 June, 2017Molecular mechanisms of cortical interneuron diversity and plasticity
29 June, 2017SWC Seminar Series: A double dissociation of presynaptic NMDA receptor signalling in neocortex
30 June, 2017Tricks of the Trade: Working Across Disciplines: concepts, language and ways of working
2 July, 2017Digital Health 2017: Global Public Health, Personalised Medicine, and Emergency Medicine in the Age of Big Data
3 July, 2017Summer school course: Why translational medicine fails and what to do about it
3 July, 2017tbc
5 July, 2017IMN Seminar Series: Title TBC
6 July, 2017CNT Seminar: Parallel transmit and its applications at ultra-high field
10 July, 2017MRC Centre For Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series
10 July, 2017tbc
12 July, 2017TechSharing Seminar Series: Getting your digital product into the NHS (or choosing not to)
13 July, 2017Brain Sciences Inaugural Lectures: The developmental course and functional impact of childhood language disorders
13 July, 2017Circuit mapping with novel molecular genetic tools, by Dr Ali Cetin, Senior Manager, Viral Technology, Allen Institute for Brain Science
13 July, 2017IIT Seminar: Learning from helminths: Type 2 Immunity and Tissue Repair
13 July, 2017SWC Seminar Series: Circuit mapping with novel molecular genetic tools
14 July, 2017UCL School of Pharmacy postdoctoral research and careers day
20 July, 2017Faculty of Medical Sciences Research Day
28 July, 2017Nutrition, Oral Health & Performance Symposium
31 July, 2017Centre for Behaviour Change - summer school 2017
14 August, 2017Centre for Behaviour Change - summer school 2017
5 September, 2017ALS Seminar: Frederic Meunier
18 September, 2017Research methods course: HIV, sexual health and infectious diseases
20 September, 2017IMN Seminar Series: Title TBC
22 September, 20172017 Annual Synaptopathies Symposium
9 October, 2017MRC Centre For Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series
18 October, 2017IMN Seminar Series: Title TBC
12 December, 2017Save the date: Launch of UCL’s Collaborative Social Science Domain (CSSD)

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