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Training grants and contracts

Find information and guidance on the approval of costs and expenditure in relation to research training grants.

Where the proposal costs include UCL contributions these must have been approved by the Dean(s) of Faculty and Director of Finance for the Faculty(s) in writing. 

Where appropriate Vice Provost Research/Provost and Director of Finance should approve significant contributions to any proposal (space and resource above existing provision).

All expenditure in relation to research training grants must be checked to ensure that it is in line with the terms and conditions of the funder.

As a general rule, and in order to justify any expenditure, consideration should be given as to whether the cost:

  • Was included in the original Justification of Resources/Proposal?
  • Was subsequently awarded?
  • Is of direct benefit to the research and proper use of public funds?
  • Is actual, necessary and solely attributable to the project?
  • Is not deemed to be in any way excessive or reckless?
  • Is within the agreed budget awarded

Accountability for compliance with UCL policy and Funder requirements ultimately rests with the Principal Investigator (PI) and the Administrative staff who have been delegated the responsibility for ensuring that the training grant is properly managed and auditable.

Note: In UCL's Financial Regulations where it refers to Research Grants, this includes training grants.