Research Department of Imaging


Products and services

We offer bespoke tracers for human imaging with positron mission tomography (PET) as well as hyperpolarized magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

We are constantly implementing new tracer products. Please do get in touch for quotations and/or if you are interested in setting up a new tracer for clinical studies.


We are routinely manufacturing the following imaging agents:

  • [18F]DPA-714 (translocator protein ligand for imaging of neuroinflammation)
  • [18F]MK-6240 (tau ligand for imaging of dementia)
  • [18F]NAV-4694 (amyloid-beta ligand for imaging of dementia)
  • [18F]Fluorodopa (amino acid derivative to assess dopaminergic function)
  • [18F]D4-Choline (cell membrane building block for imaging applications in oncology)
  • [18F]AldoView (aldosterone synthase ligand for imaging of primary hyperaldosteronism)
  • [13C]Pyruvate (metabolite to assess tumour aggressiveness)