UCL Research Ethics


Committees and governance

The UCL Research Ethics Committee (UCL REC) reviews most ethical approval applications at UCL. There are also several departmental RECs across the university which you may also have to apply to. Find out more about UCL Ethics committees and how to become an ethics reviewer or member of the UCL REC.
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About the UCL Research Ethics Committee

Find out more about the UCL REC, its strategic vision and mission, and how it is governed.

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Become a UCL REC committee member

Information on how to become a UCL REC committee member.

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Local Research Ethics Committees

Understand the role of Local Research Ethics Committees (LRECs) and find details of approved LRECs.

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Guidance, training, and resources

Access guidance, resources and training for applicants and reviewers on research ethics processes.

Page last updated: February 2024