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Quantum Ready Podcast is live!

6 February 2023

Download and listen to our five-part podcast series that explores how businesses can adapt to quantum computing.

Cover art of Quantum Ready Podcast

Join science communicator Katy Pallister, along with UCL’s Professor Paul Warburton and Quantum London’s Paolo Cuomo, in this five-part podcast series from UCL and Quantum London, as we figure out how you and your business can negotiate your quantum future.

The podcast series dives into the technology behind quantum computing, how businesses are starting to adapt, and the possible use cases across industry. In each episode, our hosts interview industrial and technical experts in quantum computing to ask them about this emerging technology, including insights for D-WAVE, IBM, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IONQ, Accenture and Volkswagen. 

This podcast series tackles the big questions: How do I get started in quantum tech, Is it all hype, What can I do now? In each episode, Katy Pallister our host chats to Professor Paul Warburton and Paolo Cuomo about the interviews they have had recently with people at all levels of the quantum computing sector - from researchers, and product managers to business consultants. 

Download and follow the podcast by searching "Quantum Ready" on your podcast app. 

Quantum Ready is a HiViz Radio Production for UCL, presented by Katy Pallister, the series producer was Jason Hosken with additional support from Dr Hilary Guite, the excecutive producer at UCL was Henry Bennie.