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INQA Exchange Visit Funding

INQA offers network members the opportunity for a funded visit to other INQA institutions

INQA offers network members the opportunity for funded trips to other institutions where INQA members are active. The finding can be used to fund travel, accommodation and some subsistence costs. 

Matthias Werner visits UCL

Photo of Matthias Werner






In September 2022, Matthias Werner, Software Engineer from Barcelona based quantum annealing start-up Qilimanjaro, visited UCL. He extended this visit by spending a week visiting labs and researchers across the UK active in quantum annealing.

During his time at UCL Matthias gave a seminar on a graph-theoretical analysis on first order quantum phase transitions for adiabatic quantum computing.

Mattias was a machine learning scientist at dida Datenschmiede, Berlin before joining Qilimanjaro. He holds an MSc from FU Berlin and a BSc in Physics from the University of Oldenburgh. 

Application Notes

Subsequent deadlines will follow approximately every six months. The next call will be in August 2024. 

In the form the term "applicant" refers to the person who is making the journey to a different institution. The term "host" refers to the person who will invite the applicant to the host's institution.

If you have any questions about this form or the scheme please send an e-mail to: contact.inqa@gmail.com.