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An International Network on Quantum Annealing


The International Network on Quantum Annealing (INQA) will for the first time establish a mechanism by which four global collaborations come together to share technical and intellectual know-how and critically analyse developments in theoretical and experimental research in quantum annealing.

Upcoming Seminars

8th February 2023 | 01:00 UTC | Luis Pedro Garcia-Pintos |  University of Maryland  

Lower Bounds on Quantum Annealing Times

The adiabatic theorem provides sufficient conditions for the time needed to prepare a target ground state. While it is possible to prepare a target state much faster with more general quantum annealing protocols, rigorous results beyond the adiabatic regime are rare. Here, I will provide such a result, showing lower bounds on the time needed to successfully perform quantum annealing. The bounds are asymptotically saturated by three toy models where fast annealing schedules are known: the Roland and Cerf unstructured search model, the Hamming spike problem, and the ferromagnetic p-spin model. The results also show that rapid annealing requires coherent superpositions of energy eigenstates, singling out quantum coherence as a computational resource.


14th February 2023 | 09:00 UTC | Akiyoshi Tomonaga | Riken 

Architecture and their implementation for superconducting quantum annealer and NISQ circuit

The development of quantum computers has become an extremely important topic in recent years due to society's demand for accelerated growth in the amount of information. Our group has developed and implemented architectures for full-coupled quantum annealers and gate-based quantum computation circuits that can be implemented in a planar manner. We report on our latest results and efforts on these topics , including experiments on packaging and coherence enhancement.

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Exchange Visit Funding

INQA offers is members the opportunity to apply for funding to support visits to INQA partnering institutions. The next deadline for applications is Monday 6th February 2023

About INQA

The INQA network unifies the research activities of major global collaborations in quantum annealing in North America, Japan, the European Union and the United Kingdom.

By hosting weekly on-line seminars and annual international conferences and by funding exchange visits, the INQA network will address the key topics which will enable quantum annealing to move towards a true quantum scaling advantage over classical approaches to NP-hard computational problems. 

The topics INQA will focus on include:

  • Exploiting quantum coherence, 
  • Extending the order and degree of qubit interactions, 
  • Strategies for error correction and, 
  • Exploiting diabaticity and non-stoquasticity in a systematic way.

The network will be led by Professor Paul Warburton of UCL, who is a co-investigator in the UK’s Quantum Computation and Simulation (QCS) Hub and in the recently-announced QEVEC project. He was also previously a co-investigator in the US-led QEO and QAFS collaborations.

Members of the management board include: 

  • Prof Paul Warburton (UCL, UK)
  • Dr Pol Forn-Díaz (IFAE, Spain)
  • Dr Shiro Kawabata (AIST, Japan)
  • Prof Viv Kendon (University of Strathclyde, UK)
  • Dr Jamie Kerman (MIT Lincoln Lab, USA)

INQA is supported by a International Network Grant from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. 


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