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Using the Library

Using the Library

This section contains information about how to access and use UCL Qatar Library, including details about how to join the Library and borrow items.

Also included in this section is information about the different study rooms and areas located within the Library and the IT and copying facilities that are provided.

You can also find details here about obtaining books and articles from other libraries and using other libraries.

Access and Borrowing


UCL students and staff need to bring their UCL Qatar ID card every time they visit the library. When using the library for the first time, you will first need to register at the Georgetown University in Qatar Library Issue Desk. This is located on the ground floor of the Library near to the main entrance.

Enrolled students and members of staff at UCL Qatar have full access to both the Library's print collections and electronic resources, in accordance with the Library Regulations.

Members of the public are welcome to use the Library's print collections on a reference only basis. Unfortunately the Library's electronic resources are not available to members of the public.


UCL Qatar students and staff who have registered to join the Library may borrow books and DVDs. Please note that items marked on the catalogue as Reference, Closed Access or Periodical cannot be borrowed from the Library.

To borrow, renew or return items, either take the items to the Issue Desk on the ground floor of the Library or use the self service units which are also located on the ground floor.

Borrowing and Renewal Limits

The following borrowing and renewal limits apply for UCL Qatar students and staff:

ItemLoan PeriodMaximum Number of ItemsMaximum Number of Renewals
Main Collection8 WeeksUnlimited3
Short Loan Collection1 weekUnlimited0

Requesting Items

You can request an item using the Library Catalogue if the item you want is on loan to another user or is being held for another user.

To make a request, find the item on the Library Catalogue, click on 'Request item' and log-in using your account ID. You will receive a notice to your email account when the item is ready for collection.

Requested items can be collected from the Issue Desk on the ground floor of the Library.

Study Areas

The Library has two dedicated study areas, both of which are available for use without prior booking.

  • Group Study Room (Room 2B07) - available for individual or small group study.  Fully equipped with interactive audio-visual equipment. Flexible seating layout for up to 12 persons.
  • Quiet Study Area (located next to oversize books stacks) - available for individual quiet study.  Fixed seating layout for up to 12 persons.  Please note that six of the seats in this area are fitted with PCs.

In addition to these dedicated study spaces there are also a number of casual seating areas located within the Library. 

 All study areas in the Library are wireless enabled and power sockets are located near to the desks and chairs.  These can be used for charging laptops or other mobile devices. 

 If the study areas are not required by UCL Qatar students or staff then they can be used by the wider community until required for UCL Qatar use. Please note that pre-arranged study seminars are occasionally held in the Group Study Room.  The room may not be available for use during these times.  See notice on Group Study Room door for seminar times.

IT and Copying Facilities


There are two computer study areas in the Library, both of which are equipped with desktop PCs. Wireless is also available throughout for those readers wishing to use their own laptops or mobile devices.

  • Computer Study Room (Room 2B08) - equipped with 12 desktop PCs.  Software loaded includes Microsoft Office, Adobe Applications, Windows Movie Maker, AutoCAD.
  • Quiet Study Area (located next to oversize books stacks) - equipped with 6 desktop PCs. Software loaded is same as above.

All of the PCs are linked to a colour photocopier, which is located in the Computer Study Room.  Printing is free but is only available to UCL Qatar students and staff.

Photocopying and Scanning

The colour photocopier in the Computer Study Room also functions as a photocopier and a scanner.  A USB stick is required when using the scanning facility. Photocopying and scanning is free but is only available to UCL Qatar students and staff.

Inter-Library Lending

Inter-Library Loan and Document Delivery Service

In addition to the range of print resources available at UCL Qatar Library, UCL Qatar students and staff also have access to the extensive range of electronic resources available through the Main Campus Library in London.

If a book or journal article is not held at either of these locations then it may be possible for the Library to obtain it for you from another library instead.  We will try and locate the item you require from UCL Library Services in London first (although only scanned electronic copies can be requested from UCL in London) and then from one of the university libraries located within Education City.

If the item you need is not held at one of these libraries then we will try and obtain it for you from an international academic or research library instead. If you already know a possible source institution then please let us know and we may be able to negotiate a direct loan or obtain a photocopy.

If you wish to request a book or a journal article then please contact us directly via our library email address, library.qatar@ucl.ac.uk, providing full details of the item you would like to obtain.  Alternatively, please speak to a member of UCL Qatar Library staff during library opening hours.

Please note that whole issues of individual journals, primary resources and other rare materials can be very difficult to obtain through interlibrary loan and access may only be possible through a personal visit to the owning institution.

Inter-Library Loan Allocation

UCL Qatar students and staff are permitted to request the following number of items per academic year.

Type of userRequests per Academic Year
Student (Taught Course)25
Student (Research)50


The inter-library loan and document delivery service is provided to UCL Qatar students and staff free of charge so long as the annual allocation is not exceeded. If you exceed your allocation then charges will apply - see below.

Type of requestCopyright fee per item
Loans (within your allocation)No fee
Photocopies (within your allocation)No fee
Loan or Photocopy (exceeding your allocation)Fee charged by lending institution to be met by requestor

Delivery of Items

Where possible we will try and obtain scanned electronic copies of articles or book chapters in order to speed up the process. Whilst it is not possible to give an exact timescale for this, most scanned copies are received within 5 to 7 working days. The Library will notify you as soon as your item arrives.

Physical loans may take much longer to arrive in the country and therefore should be seen as an option of last resort. Please note that any loan rules, including overdue fines, that are applied by the lending library must be adhered to by the requestor.

Using Other Libraries

UCL Qatar student and staff are able to access and use other academic libraries located within Education City.  Items held at these libraries may also be borrowed via the Education City Inter-Library Loan scheme (see Inter-Library Loan page for details of how to make a request). 

A list of all libraries in Qatar, including those in Education City, together with details about their holdings and services, can be found at the Qatar National Library website.  Please refer to each library's entry on the list for information about their access and use policies.

When visiting London, UCL Qatar students and staff are entitled to make full use of each of the libraries on the main UCL campus.  Please note that a separate borrowing card will need to be obtained at UCL in London in order to access and use these libraries.  Further information about this can be found on the main UCL Library Services website.

Details of other libraries in London, including those with special UCL access and usage arrangements, can be found here.

Feedback and Suggestions

We value your opinions and views, and welcome your feedback to help us improve our services and collections.

You can provide feedback:

  • By email: library.qatar@ucl.ac.uk
  • By letter: UCL Qatar Library, PO Box 2526, Georgetown Building, Education City, Doha, Qatar
  • By phone: +974 4000 2660