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UCL Public Policy supports engagement between academic researchers and public policy professionals and enable the development of effective, evidence-based policy

We're here to connect policymakers with researchers


Find out about the support we offer for academics and policy professionals. Our work is non-partisan and independent, as we seek to inform policy development rather than advocate specific policies. Our expert knowledge brokers can help policy professionals navigate the complex world of research to find the expertise they need to create effective policy. They have an in-depth understanding of the policy landscape and can advise researchers on how to enhance the policy impact of their work, and build connections across local and national government. 


Funded projects

UCL Portico

We are UCL's specialist brokerage initiative working to help bridge the gap between academic research across the university and public policy

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Access our range of resources to build your skills for effective policy engagement

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Research Impact

See examples of how we engage researchers at UCL with policy professionals


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Build your skills and capabilities in policy engagement with our training opportunities

Fellowship Programme

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Work directly with policy professionals through our Policy Fellowship Programme

Funding Opportunities

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Benefit from Policy Engagement funding to stimulate public policy engagement

Cost of Living Report

UCL Public Policy, in partnership with Tortoise Media, convened a panel of experts, led by the IOE’s Professor Anne Phoenix, to explore the Cost of Living crisis in the UK, its impacts, and its implications for policymakers. The inquiry consisted of 3 roundtable events, bringing together a wider variety of expertise to discuss the situation and responses to it. These roundtables then formed the basis of a report, The Cost of Living Crisis: All In It Together?


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