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New podcast series: Parliament and Me

To celebrate parliament Week 2018 and the year of VOTE100, we have produced a series of podcasts featuring UCL experts and the women who have inspired them in their journeys.

We’re celebrating Parliament Week and the year of VOTE100. In this series of podcasts, we introduce you to current UCL thinkers - experts in their field - and the women who have inspired them along their way.  They talk politics, passions and particularly their work with policy makers, with tips and tricks on how to get your research to inform policy.

These podcasts follow on from a similar series UCL Public Policy produced to mark Parliament Week 2017.

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How important are the bricks that build our communities?  Are you someone who wants to preserve the past, or clear the way for the future? In this podcast we hear from UCL’s Professor May Cassar, Director of UCL’s Institute for Sustainable Heritage and Baroness Margaret Sharp.  They share tales about their work together that led to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Science and Heritage and the bus that’s going around the country to inspire more heritage stories.

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The Big Data Bias

Can you remember a time without computers?  When you didn’t need to worry about who can access your data?  In this podcast UCL’s Michael Veale and the University of Newcastle’s Lilian Edwards talk about their work together with the world of policy and whether we are now all “Slaves to the algorithm? ”

Space Weather

Radio blackouts, geomagnetic and solar radiation storms, sound more like a scene from Doctor Who, but space weather’s impacts on our daily lives are huge.  So much so that Space Weather is listed by the government as one of the highest priority natural hazards in the UK National Risk Register.  In this episode UCL’s space weather guru Professor Lucie Green shares experiences with working Catherine Burnett from the Met Office and how space weather forecasting can literally save lives.