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We've now completed the CannTeen study and are publishing our results! See above for a video about how we conducted the study, and below for our Open Access published work: 

Lawn, W., Mokrysz, C., Lees, R., Trinci, K., Petrilli, K., Skumlien, M., Borissova, A., Ofori, S., Bird, C., Jones, G., Bloomfield, M. A., Das, R. K., Wall, M. B., Freeman, T. P., & Curran, H. V. (2022). The CannTeen Study: Cannabis use disorder, depression, anxiety, and psychotic-like symptoms in adolescent and adult cannabis users and age-matched controls. Journal of Psychopharmacology.

Borissova, A., Soni, S., Aston, E. R., Lees, R., Petrilli, K., Wall, M. B., Bloomfield, M., Mertzani, E., Paksina, A., Freeman, T. P., Mokrysz, C., Lawn, W., & Curran, H. V. (2022). Age differences in the behavioural economics of cannabis use: Do adolescents and adults differ on demand for cannabis and discounting of future reward?. Drug and alcohol dependence, 238, 109531.

Lawn, W., Fernandez-Vinson, N., Mokrysz, C. et al. (2022). The CannTeen study: verbal episodic memory, spatial working memory, and response inhibition in adolescent and adult cannabis users and age-matched controls. Psychopharmacology 239, 1629–1641 .

Skumlien, M., Mokrysz, C., Freeman, T.P. et al. (2022) Neural responses to reward anticipation and feedback in adult and adolescent cannabis users and controls. Neuropsychopharmacol. .


Lots more to come soon! If you are interested in our results - please contact Will Lawn


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