Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit


Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit (CPU)

The CPU researches the short and long-term effects of drugs on human cognition, behaviour, emotion and brain function.

We use classic behavioural and neuropsychological tools, clinical trials, epidemiological data and functional/structural neuroimaging to conduct our research.

Currently our projects include :

  • the acute effects of cannabis and the associations of long-term cannabis use with mental health problems and cognition
  • the causes and treatment of cannabis dependence
  • memory reconsolidation manipulations  that could aid treatment of addiction and psychological trauma
  • the use of ketamine as a psychiatric medicine, particularly in treating alcohol dependence
  • relationships between cannabis and tobacco use
  • drug use in night-life settings
  • genetic influences on young people's drug use

Our work has important public health implications and is regularly covered by the national media