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Students may pursue PhDs under any aspect of the general rubric. Entry to the programme is competitive, so whilst open applications based on a candidate's interests are welcomed, research topics which are within the scope of our supervisors are preferable.

The programme aims to demonstrate how an academic understanding of psychoanalytic concepts (its theory or metapsychology) and/or the historical background to ideas should always be intertwined with its clinical precepts in line with the course's principles that theory can only arise from a context clinical and historical. A basic understanding of psychoanalytic concepts and/or methods of psychoanalytic research is required. Research may be theoretical (conceptual) or empirical or a combination of both.  The PhD is an academic programme and does not qualify students for clinical work although a clinical training is highly compatible with pursuing the programme. 

Psychoanalytic theory can be studied either for its own sake or as applied to other allied fields in the natural and social sciences, arts and humanities. If their thesis subject indicates it, candidates may obtain secondary supervision in other departments and candidates from other departments may similarly participate in our programme and receive secondary or tertiary supervision within the Psychoanalysis Unit. 

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