Older adults in social setting


Supporting family carers

Family carers of people living with dementia are integral to the care and wellbeing of people living with dementia worldwide. We develop novel psychological support interventions for family carers.

Most people living with dementia globally live at home, supported by family members, saving a considerable amount of public money. Supporting a relative living with dementia although it can be rewarding, can also be challenging and distressing at times and can impact upon all aspects of a person’s life and wellbeing. Many people caring for a relative living with dementia will experience psychological distress, such as depression or anxiety and this is known to predict care breaking down at home and transition to care home settings. 

We have a wealth of expertise in researching the needs and experiences of family carers and factors that impact upon their caregiving experiences, work which impacts on dementia policy and practice nationally and internationally. Our studies investigate the nature of family caregiving from a social and psychological perspective, and we also have particular expertise in the development, testing and implementation of novel psychosocial interventions to support family carers and improving their mental health, wellbeing and relationships.