MARQUE Project

Managing Agitation and Raising QUality of lifE

The MARQUE project, led by Professor Gill Livingston, was an ambitious 5-year programme of work which aimed to increase knowledge about dementia, agitation or distress behaviours, and being an individual living with dementia – known as personhood.

The project is now finished. MARQUE started in April 2014 and was completed in July 2019. You can read more about the six work streams.

What did MARQUE find out & what do people think?

We launched our findings report with our partners, the International Longevity Centre-UK and asked people to tell us their initial responses to our findings. You can watch our films of each work stream’s findings or read the scientific publications.

Summary of what MARQUE achieved

  • One of MARQUE’s aims was to increase the capacity of the dementia research field through training emerging researchers. This aim has been met: three PhDs were completed in the area of dementia, with a fourth ongoing. Two research assistants are now studying medicine and four others are now studying for their Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at other institutions around the country - all have a particular interest in older people and dementia and careers in this field.
  • There have been 11 peer-reviewed scientific publications to date (Aug 2019).
  • One of the major work streams of MARQUE was the development of a care home staff training programme. We showed that it is both cost-effective and successfully raises the quality of life of people living with dementia in care homes.
  • The MARQUE Project has generated five Open Access databases of both quantitative and qualitative data, ensuring our data can be used by others in the field.
  • The MARQUE Project attracted a little over £100,000 additional funding to explore the acceptability of the care home staff training programme and to make an economic case for dementia prevention.
  • The Project’s achievements include the completion of a randomised controlled trial to evaluate the MARQUE care home staff training programme and its impact on agitation and quality of life with 404 residents and 492 staff living and working at 20 care homes in and around London.
  • Significant dissemination activities were undertaken to deliver our findings to as wide an audience as possible and to hear back from the community on these findings.

Project funding

The MARQUE Project was funded jointly by the Economic and Social Research Council and the National Institute for Health Research in response to the Prime Minister’s 2012 Challenge on Dementia. Our grant number is ES/LO/0697